Naruto (455) and Bleach (365)

Our Side


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A Mish-Mash of Everything and Nothing


Source: Animepaper

Yea, I’m a hypocrite for showing this despite dropping the series, both anime and manga.

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Naruto – Chapter 412

Suggestive much?

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The Calm Before the Storm…

Yowane Haku

Starting with 3 hours until my 21st birthday, I reminisce about what I did today…

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Dattebayo Fansubs Drops Naruto Shippuden


While the news is a week old, I just heard about it today…

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Basic Shounen – An Epic Fail or A Necessary Evil

How would you feel if you met someone thinking Naruto was good anime? Would that person earn your dislike? Maybe lose a couple of respect points? Do you feel compelled to lash out and rage, shake them so hard that their minds might change (due to brain damage)? Are you suppressing the urge to bombard them with insults, “Narutard” being one of them?

Seriously, let’s take a step back, cool our otaku minds for a bit, and ask ourselves… Why the hate?

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For all those Naruto fans out there…

Naruto kills… literally. Yes, it really does.

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