Just when I thought it’s over with…


Culprit: here

I’m in despair… because of another instance of Rule 49 and meebo‘s nonexistant spam control. Because of this troublemaker, I wasn’t able to work on the second part of my ef -tale of melodies- episode 10 post. Honestly, I wonder why I had faith in the online community…

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I do not forgive, I do not forget.


The Internet fails me.

I feel the love. Really. Their words… They touch my heart.

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Meebo Works

Following up from my previous post, Kitsune proved to me that the meebo widget does work. Thanks for helping out and having that nice 1 hour+ chat.

As for the topic of discussion, I want to intrude on the Round Robin going around the female blog-sphere… but since I’m not female, nor ever will be, the act would seem rude. I might tag along and blurb about their old topics though (i.e. this week talking about their previous week’s topic). I’ll have to see if any of them would get offended by such a tactic.

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Meebo Failing?

Yes, I’m talking about that little widget under the Site Navigation to the right… Wait, did you even see it there?

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