[FFVIIKnight] Otakon 2009 Update

Left Me In Despair

Due to a family matters, I will not be able to attend Otakon 2009.

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Current Status?


This is exactly how I feel.

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Holiday Hiatus


That is so a trappy version of me.

The day of excessive American feasting approaches and since my home has horrible connection speeds, I might not be able to post as frequently. So while I’m enjoying the break from classes but enduring the same course load due to “special” homework assignments, my usual source for anime/manga will be reliant on something equivalent to dial-up. This torture hiatus will end next Monday. Oh, and for my fellow Americans, Happy Thanksgiving!

Random: What is Love?

Well, at least they’re together… forever…

I apologize for the lack of posts but really… there’s nothing new out there.

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Diving into 4chan…

Boredom hits again…

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Popcorn Should Be Banned From Dorms

I wish to see smell no more of this stuff… unless in real movie theatres…

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The Start of Another Boring Day…

I forgot where I got this from…

Boredom attacks me… once again.

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