New (and Not So New) Loot


“Squishables” are very… squishy.

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Clannad – Chapter 13



A friendly reminder…

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Tomoyo Fighter ~It’s an Exciting Life~


Guess which character I’m playing?

Yup, just started playing this Clannad fighting game. Despite its title, it doesn’t really focus on Tomoyo and I find myself playing Suigintou or Yurikawa more often than the Clannad characters (or maybe it’s because I’m noob). Currently trying to unlock all the characters but the moonrunes don’t help. Much work lies ahead.

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My First Dive into Nico Nico Douga…

After a year of procrastination, I finally completed registration to view the videos…

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Clannad (manga) – Chapter 9

My Heart = Mush

Adjusting to life in the Furukawa house…

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Clannad (manga) – Chapter 8

And then finally… the place they will reach…

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Clannad (manga) – Chapter 7

I wish I had a Nagisa in my life… T_T

Actually, a Tomoyo, Kyou, or Kotomi would also suffice.

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