New (and Not So New) Loot


“Squishables” are very… squishy.

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Adding to My Harem


I wish my absence was due to some spiritual journey where I underwent grueling training and gained special powers… Alas, it’s a more mundane matter. Apartment hunting…

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New Figurines! – Part 1


The Calm Before The Storm

They came in two weeks ago, but this is the first time I’ve touched them.

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A Confession


Please keep this a secret… just between the two of us…

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(Late) Happy New Year (Ox)!


It may be the Year of the Ox but… Tis the season for MAIDS!!!

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Saimoe 2008 – The Only Part I Cared About…

Learned from C.I.

Time to go weep in my sad little corner… with my Rei figurines…

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MAI WAIFU!!! (and more…)


She’s the third and last figurine that I got from Otakon 2008… and now my wife :)

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