New (and Not So New) Loot


“Squishables” are very… squishy.

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Adding to My Harem


I wish my absence was due to some spiritual journey where I underwent grueling training and gained special powers… Alas, it’s a more mundane matter. Apartment hunting…

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Otakon 2009:I only meant to stay a while


This post about Otakon is a bit late. It’s coming up on two weeks ago that the massive convention occurred. I’ll make it up by posting a few different things about it. Let me start with what I did, or rather what I didn’t do.

I didn’t participate in the masquerade, submit art to the art show, run a panel, staff, get lost, get in a fight, eat out, go to Otachan, LARP, enter a video game tournament, ride a train, cosplay, buy anime, buy art, sing, or get an autograph.

But I did check out a bit of everything as I always do.

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[FFVIIKnight] Otakon 2009 Update

Left Me In Despair

Due to a family matters, I will not be able to attend Otakon 2009.

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Otakon 2009: A looking forward and backward!


Otakon is here! How will this one measure up against previous conventions? First, where am I coming from? Well, I’m not part of any tight anime blogsphere, nor am I press. I’m new to talking about anime online.  I have always lived in Maryland and have attended Otakon for all 3 days since 2002(when there were the hordes of Vash and Wolfwood). So, this will be my 8th Otakon! I was recently looking over the schedule and felt compelled to get a few things off my mind about it all. I even decided to go a step further and get a bit nostalgic in my comparisons. I can’t find my Pocket Guide from 2008 so details from last year may be a bit shaky.
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Otakon 2009


I just pre-registered so you can expect more coverage of the largest anime convention on the U.S. East Coast.

For those interested in attending, pre-registration at the cost of $55 ends June 17th and if you wait too long, you’ll have to pay the door price of $65. You can find more information and links to registration here.

For those interested in stalking meeting me, have fun trying to single me out from the thousands of people attending. I’ll be one of the few not cosplaying or wearing themed attire. But honestly, leave a message or email if you can tolerate a still-green con-goer… after I do a background check.