Happy Lunar New Year!

Year of the Tiger

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The first decent snowfall for this winter season.

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Nico Nico Orchestra 2

Watch it here. If you can’t, shame on you… After seeing it through, I’m somewhat proud to be a former brass player.

My reaction: Fuck yea! Time for more musical goodness! Time to figure out what songs they played. So many that I know but only on the tip of my tongue…

New (and Not So New) Loot


“Squishables” are very… squishy.

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Adding to My Harem


I wish my absence was due to some spiritual journey where I underwent grueling training and gained special powers… Alas, it’s a more mundane matter. Apartment hunting…

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Otakon 2009:I only meant to stay a while


This post about Otakon is a bit late. It’s coming up on two weeks ago that the massive convention occurred. I’ll make it up by posting a few different things about it. Let me start with what I did, or rather what I didn’t do.

I didn’t participate in the masquerade, submit art to the art show, run a panel, staff, get lost, get in a fight, eat out, go to Otachan, LARP, enter a video game tournament, ride a train, cosplay, buy anime, buy art, sing, or get an autograph.

But I did check out a bit of everything as I always do.

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When Reality Hits…


It hurts more than a ton of bricks.

My lack of updates can be accounted for by a new sudden development in life. Currently changing residency so things are a bit hectic. I’ll try to update whenever possible.