Clannad – Chapter 13



A friendly reminder…

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Clannad (manga) – Chapter 9

My Heart = Mush

Adjusting to life in the Furukawa house…

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Clannad (manga) – Chapter 8

And then finally… the place they will reach…

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Clannad (manga) – Chapter 7

I wish I had a Nagisa in my life… T_T

Actually, a Tomoyo, Kyou, or Kotomi would also suffice.

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Clannad (manga) – Chapter 6


Reading this just rekindled my love for the series…

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Tomoyo After (Review)

Deviant from the main Clannad pairing (Nagisa x Tomoya), this short bit of manga is about what would have happened if Tomoya actually chose Tomoyo (I’m guessing from the original dating sim game, those two have their own arc). A very nice read, cute yet depressing. Highly recommended if you got free time to read a short 4 chapters of it.

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