Welcome to Gensokyo!


Now I know why it’s called danmaku/”Curtain Fire”/”Bullet Hell”… orz

I keep losing to Izayoi Sakuya…


Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2!


A friend recommended this to me since it’s a free Gundam-esque game.

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Tomoyo Fighter ~It’s an Exciting Life~


Guess which character I’m playing?

Yup, just started playing this Clannad fighting game. Despite its title, it doesn’t really focus on Tomoyo and I find myself playing Suigintou or Yurikawa more often than the Clannad characters (or maybe it’s because I’m noob). Currently trying to unlock all the characters but the moonrunes don’t help. Much work lies ahead.

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Returning to Games

I’m a Blader this time around…

If you noticed my slower pace of posts, that would be because my university courses are picking up on assignments/projects… but to screw whatever free time I have left, I’m wasting it away on CABAL… again.


Something about Macross Frontier…

But I lie… It’s really not.

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Final Fantasy VI Advance

After realizing that espers did more than provide summon attacks (extra stat gains and more spells), I restarted my game and severely over-leveled my characters…

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Final Fantasy IV Advance

After playing on and off for a week, finally finished and completed with everything…
I think.

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