H2O : Footprints in the Sand Delays

It has been many weeks since this “writer” was introduced, but he hasn’t posted anything yet.

Procrastination? Perhaps. Initially, he had a bit of running-in-the-circle with the WordPress formatting, then started to get a lil’ busy as he prepped for university, which would begin in… less than a month. This included going on one-hour trainride to the City to visit the campus, acquire appropriate materials, start trying to fit in university timetable with work, and et cetra., which leaves a man soulless and tired, especially with another hour back. It was almost as though fate is punishing me for all my evil deeds as well, for WinXP did one of those “silent updates” of drivers [I use open-source, unsigned drivers, D=], which resulted in many, many BSODs before I found out what the cause was. Then last night, after drinking too much absinthe, this writer failed to get any sleep at all, period, and still suffers from headache. Perhaps drinking a greenish-blue liquid really isn’t a good idea, even more-so when it wasn’t your standard diluted solution. Drinking more than six shots worth? Bah, humbug!

For those souls who happened to have looked forward to reading my witty and excellent [cough cough] writings about this harem anime, rest assured that it’ll be done. At latest, shortly after the courses start, and earliest, perhaps tomorrow. This poor writer needs to recover.

I look forward to many “who are you anyway?” comments.