ef -tale of melodies- : Episode 10 – Part 2

[continued from before]

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ef -tale of melodies- : Episode 10 – Part 1


This episode was strangely traumatic, tragic, yet disappointing all at once.

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ef -tale of melodies- : Episode 11


This episode was perfect. No other words could describe it. Perfection.

Ef ~Tale of Melodies~ – Episode 1 RAW Impressions

Only one word can describe this: Brilliant

Extracted mp3: Click here (yes, it’s also on the site playlist)

I watched this episode RAW so there isn’t much that I could say about it. Animation is as symbolic as ever, if not more so. The music is wonderful as expected from Tenmon. The only one fault I could find… is that the girl(s) don’t seem as cute as Chihiro… That’s a high standard to reach so it’s forgivable with just episode 1 and RAW nonetheless. On the bright side, there’s a nekomimi so it should be playful and lighthearted at the start. However, there is a focus on masks and a forced laugh at the end of the episode so emotions may run high very soon.

This is the kind of series where development is key and it’s expected to be slow. Plenty of time to amaze me even more. :)

Ef ~A Tale of Melodies~

The sequel to Ef ~A Tale of Memories~ has been announced!

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Ef -The Latter Tale-

After the brilliant masterpiece of Ef -A Tale of Memories-, here comes its sequel!