Annotated Blogroll

It will be finished whenever I find the time.

Atarashii Prelude (link)

This blog has Shin and that’s enough to make me a frequent visitor. I love Shin… but in an non-romantic way. I see him in the same way that Tomoya sees Sunohara (not counting those BL doujins). A very amusing guy but an endearing friend in the blog-o-sphere. But to make things clear, we’re not urinal buddies… I would be extremely worried if things turned out that way.

His blog touches on everything that I’m interested in. He is the otaku figure that I’m slowly becoming… whether or not I want to. So if you see me turning into a lolicon, you’ll know who to blame. Anyways, starting with Code Geass R2 and Macross Frontier to now Kannagi and Tales of the Abyss, anything he writes (and photoshops) is sure to peak my interest… and hopefully yours.

One note of warning for loli’s… Shin might carry you home faster than Rena would with a nekomeido Rika.

Random Curiosity (link)

This is one of my favorite blogs due to the rapid yet detailed coverage of the latest releases. Most of the time, Omni’s summaries come out faster than the subs. Lately, he expanded to more than just episodic reviews, covering tidbits of other anime-related news. Always informative and definitely the first place I go to after watching something RAW.

An embarrassing fact… It took around a year for me to realize where his header image came from… only to give up by clicking the “About This Site” section.

Baka-Raptor (link)

Sharp, sarcastic, and a fan of Mai Hime’s lesbian coupling. With his podcasts/Talk-A-Raptor episodes (often including Tidus abuse), there’s more than enough reason to visit his site and learn more about this fire-breathing dinosaur. However, on the downside, he defected to some other team blog so his posting schedule might be a bit irregular… not that it was regular in the first place.

Mr. Baka-Raptor himself suggested some manga series about a guy who goes all Deathnote “Keikaku Doori” while masturbating in the girl’s bathroom. I have yet to touch it.


T.H.A.T. Anime Blog (link)

My first encounter with a group blog (well, with 4+ active authors) and one that stuck with me for a long while. Plenty of fun reading their posts, especially the ones by Crusader and Impz. One of their most outstanding accomplishments is their pre-season coverage of all the series being animated. Very informative and helpful to have all that information at one spot.

In recent times, they seem to be making a blog mascot… and I approve of Mahou Shoujo Impzie.


Kitsune’s Thoughts (link)

Kistune is one of the first people to follow my blog. He’s also the one of three people who used the (removed) meebo chatbox widget. His blog is full of interesting topics, ranging from episodic anime coverage to cultural issues. The best part is the feedback he gives. Almost instantaneous, I have no idea how he keeps up with everything… Maybe he’s a descendent of a certain FABULOUS Sebastian…

I’ve been trying to get him to restart Hyakko. There’s a character named Kitsune in there… though I doubt the blogger would be brazen enough to flip skirts…


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  1. I command you to add my blog to your blogroll. Absolute order.

  2. It will go up whenever I find the time.

  3. Hi, I’ve a relatively new blog, it’ll be good if you can add it to your blogroll

  4. Normally, I wouldn’t comply with such requests… but after taking a peek at your blog and seeing how impressive it is, up there now.

  5. “Mr. Baka-Raptor himself suggested some manga series about a guy who goes all Deathnote “Keikaku Doori” while masturbating in the girl’s bathroom.”

    Lol Onani Master Kurosawa. The manga is surprisingly really good for something thats about some teen beating off

  6. I find you blog really compelling and I’m adding you to my blogroll. Are you interested in link exchange? Just come by my blog anytime :)

  7. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about some broken links on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.

    Joel Houston

  8. Neat blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your design. Thanks eceeekdkgkdb

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