Otakon 2011 – Day 1

Good times with friends…

We arrived after 1 PM and immediately went to the dealer room. I was trying to replace a movie poster since my order did not come on time. A quick breeze through more than a hundred shops yielded nothing. However, not all was lost since the manga adaptation of Voices of a Distant Star arrived early. It was all in preparation for this year’s special guest, Makoto Shinkai.

The group decided to split up since another special guest was the distinguished composer, Nobuo Uematsu. Fortunately, my friend got in line 90 minutes early. Unfortunately, there was a line since the beginning of the day and all the special tickets were given out during the Q&A session (which we did not attend and from what I heard, there was a line for that too). Needless to say, he was unable to get my Distant World’s DVD and CDs signed… despite waiting patiently in line for 2 hours.

The other portion of the group (myself included) lined up for the Makoto Shinkai autograph event. Due to fabulous scheduling, both autograph events coincided by half an hour, causing the need to split the group. After some confusion about where the line starts and being shuffled around by Otakon staff, my friend and I wound up being the first ones in line. Yes, the very first one to walk through into the room and shake Mr. Shinkai’s hand… twice.

A very nice and humble guy. He is my idol of the anime world and this event only solidified my respect for him. Tomorrow, I will be attending his premiere of Hoshi o Ou Kodomo and his Q&A session. I’ll try to get my other DVDs and newly purchased 5 cm manga adaptation signed.

As for the rest of the day, I briefly attended the Madoka Magica showing and purchased some Makoto Shinkai-related material. I was unable to attend the Chemistry concert (happening as I’m typing this) so I might purchase a CD tomorrow and attempt to get a signature from the group.

Since I didn’t stay in the dealer room too long, I missed out on some free giveaways and special events. In particular, the Madoka poster if you make a donation to disaster relief efforts in Japan. There’s always tomorrow… but in other news, I felt like an idiot when I went up to the Funimation booth and asked about the release date for Last Exile in Blu-ray. Apparently, that was cancelled…

So Day 1 is over. Tomorrow should be fairly busy with catching Makoto Shinkai again and attending other panels.

One Response

  1. Yay! Photos! :D Glad that you posted some and revived your blog from deep slumber :)

    Great selection as usual! I especially liked those two maids! hehe

    Post more pics if you have some! :) Also I hope you’ll continue your manga posts eventually.

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