Manga Recommendations

Coverage of several series that recently caught my attention…


Brief Summary

Taboo-Tattoo is about Seigi and the inevitable war between two superpower nations. Other than learning martial arts and his firm belief in justice, Seigi’s an ordinary boy. However, that all changed when he saved an homeless man from some thugs. To thank him, the man had him to hold onto a piece of rock, one that fused with his hand to form a tattoo. It was an intricate design that otherwise had no significance… or so he thought. Then he was approached by two agents from the United States who were searching for secret weapons. The thing they’re looking for turned out to be the design on his hand. It was no ordinary tattoo. It’s a spell crest, a powerful ability that requires a trade of some sort (like renumerations in Darker than Black). After realizing the power he holds, Seigi must find a way to preserve the “normal” life he lives while helping the two agents recover more spell crests. And with the world on the brink of World War III…


I got the impression of Kurogane no Linebarrels but with martial arts and spell crests instead of mecha. Also, the main character isn’t an asshole. However, with that said, the primary draw is definitely Izzie, the female U.S. agent. She’s the one who’s trapped in an undeveloped body in exchange for her abilities. Her underage appearance and cute actions sharply conflicts with her military mindset and inner sadist. A well-rounded character who causes nothing but trouble for Seigi.

With a hint of humor and fanservice, the series promises plenty of action in future chapters. Well-rounded and worth a look into.

Lock On!

Brief Summary

Utsuru Sanada cares only about one thing, photography. To be more specific, photographing girls when they’re in their most beautiful form. However, Kurihara Niko may be the toughest model to get. She’s been traumatized by perverts at a young age and now unwilling to trust any man. Not all hope is lost for Sanada’s very persistent in getting the perfect shot.


Fullmetal Panic‘s Sousuke but in photography instead of Mithril. It gets a bit silly with Sanada’s “photographer’s eye” but otherwise, a decent comedy. Combined with the possibility of romance, there’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t read this.


Brief Summary

One would think of angels as pure beings with wings flapping on their backs. With Sasara, only the wings are true. She dresses up as a witch and constantly abuses her charge, Matsuhiro Kouta. However, not everything is bad. She descended from the heavens to help Kouta with love (and to play his games). Most of her spells would kill him. However, the rest are all some sort of countdown where the magic would be cast upon hitting zero. The problem is… not everything would go as expected. For example, one of the spells cast upon him would reveal to the ENTIRE world his thoughts should the timer reach zero. Whether or not it helps him with his relationship, only time will tell…


Funny antics centered around an adorable Shizawa and a troublesome Sasara. The latter cares more about staying entertained while the former is the target of Kouta’s affections. However, “you reap what you sow” and with Kouta trying to cheat her into falling in love with him with magic, bad things happen.

This is my most favorite out of the four.

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Brief Summary

Takumi lives and works in a bakery called “Stray Cats”. Its name came about when the owner adopts them every time she goes traveling. However, cats aren’t the only things she brings back. She adopted him and another child after their orphanage closed. Most recently, her latest trip’s souvenir was… a cat girl.


From the same artist of To Love-Ru comes this new work. Fanservice-laden? Yes. Cute? Yes. Recommended? Yes. Do I wish that catgirls are available to pick up as strays? Yes.

10 Responses

  1. We seem to pick up new series at the same time, because I recently picked up all these series.

  2. “Great minds think alike.”

  3. Yes, like this! :) Very nice smile :)

    Catgirls as strays? hehe The trailer nya song for this anime is one of the most addicting in the recent history – too cute! XD

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