Valentiene’s Day: Best Romance Anime

It’s been a while since I posted, so here’s a simple list of the best romance anime to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

This is a list of the top romance anime that anyone could hope to see. I know I’ve left a few out, but that’s just so you have a reason to comment and not because I’m lazy. I have included no hentai or harem shows; I just don’t think they fit the bill. I also lack yuri and yaoi….If you know a great one post it in the comments. They are in no particular order.

The first up is Kare Kano.  The best school romance show you can watch and it’s directed by Hideki Anno and Kazuya Tsurumaki.

Paradise kiss. Standout for it’s ultra sharp art designs and fashion.  It even has Franz Ferdinand as an ending song.   For it’s high production values and style alone it’s worth checking out.

Nana. This one is a bit longer but it’s so popular for a reason. It’s more reccomened for females, but it’s a solid show all around.

Maison Ikkoku. This is Rumiko Takahashi’s most down to earth and most romantic show. It’s the longest on this list at 96 episodes, but it’s a classic just as all of takahashi’s works are (except Inu-Yasha).

Video Girl Ai, a show that has also aged very well. I think it’s notable for it’s rapid characterization of it’s leads.  As soon as the first episode you can really feel the characters, especially Ai.  It’s only 6 episodes so you have no excuse if you have not seen it.

Futari Ecchi. This anime and manga are intended to present the realistic relationship of two Japanese newlyweds.  It is interesting for the scenarios it presents along the way, but the production values are mediocre and the anime cuts short. You may do better to just pick up the manga.

Kemonozume.  I can’t sing this show’s praises enough! It is certainly one of my all time favorite anime and it blends romance, action, comedy and drama wonderfully. It is truly a must see show. The love portrayed here is the most nuanced and real I have seen in an anime. It’s realistic and out of this world at the same time.

Now, to move into a few movies…

Macross Plus. This film is as much about a twisted love triangle as it is about transforming mecha battles-maybe even more so.  The original Macross has even more love to go around, but you’d have to strap yourself for an epic space story as well if you want to fully enjoy it.

The girl who leapt through time.  It’s a coming of age story with excellent production values.  But I’m sure you’ve already seen it so I don’t have to explain this one.

Millennium Actress.  The story of chasing love across time and space.  Satoshi Kon’s greatest drama and one of the greatest anime films ever.

There you have it folks! Now you have no excuse to ever watch shit like Skip Beat…not that you would, but if you have any friends or loved ones that are at risk-save them. Save them before it’s too late.

Post any titles you think I missed or other related comments. I hope you find your hearts desire sooner or later.

A few bonus videos that go with the holiday:


12 Responses

  1. From this list I like Maison Ikkoku, Macross Plus, Millennium Actress, and Tokikake :) Whisper of the Heart is a good one that is not listed, and Only Yesterday has one of the best endings ever :)

    Eureka Seven and Shinkai works seem to be popular anime.

  2. I like Macross Plus and Eureka Seven.

  3. Ouch. I really like Skip Beat. It’s funny and there’s romantic advancements. Although it’s not entirely realistic, I love it! I also liked Wallflower :)

  4. Saikano is a really good one to watch

    Yea Its almost Halloween and this post is super old but oh well

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  6. wouldent naruto shippudinn sorta be like a romance

  7. i really lyk skip bit.. bokura ga ita is nice too..8s much more realistic..

  8. LOL i just finished watching Skip Beat and am very disappointed. You’re right it’s pretty shitty!!!

  9. forgot to add: i love Macross Plus!! I was hooked on romance anime after watching it.

  10. bokura ga ita is the best romance anime i have ever watched! i highly recommend it, u dont have to wait forever for the couple to get together happens in like 5 episodes i think? and then its about there relationship as a couple and the boy having to let go with the past. it really is romantic but has a sad ending. U HAVE TO WATCH IT! THE CHARACTERS ARE GOOD LOOKING AND CUTE SO MAKES IT EVEN BETTER! good plot + characters + drawings = FANTASTIC!

  11. 5cm per second and clannad are the best i’ve seen :) the art style in both are crisp and beautiful colours. clannad is very touching (most of the action happens in season 2, clannad afterstory. but first season helps you get attached to the characters, and tells you about their pasts. alhough there are no kissing scenes etc. clannad is based around family, it is magical. 5cm per second has an outstanding soundtrack and beautiful art style and great attention to detail, plus a heartbreaking plotline. love them both :D great list btw

  12. I have to say that I quite like Skip Beat. The protagonist is way too naive, and a little bit of an idiot, but her personality developed as the story progressed, and the over all idea is a good one.

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