Durarara!! Manga

Warning: Spoilers for the anime lie within!


Durarara!! (shortened to DRRR!! in future posts for my own typing sanity) is originally a light novel. Then it was adapted to a manga and now airing as an anime. I have not experienced the source but comparing the two adaptations, I find the manga more satisfying… since it provides more pieces of the puzzle in far less time. Moreover, after reading it, the anime seems toned down. It’s either delaying those scenes or excluding them altogether.  For example, Orihara Izaya was introduced to Mikado as an extremely dangerous. In the anime, he was seen betraying Rio Kamichika’s trust, driving her to attempt suicide. In the manga, his actions were far more sinister and whimsical.

Far more evil and dangerous than what the anime had for his introduction. Also, this wasn’t limited to Izaya. Other characters appear to be more fleshed out in the manga. Some characters haven’t even been introduced yet. However, in the anime’s defense, it will have 24 episodes. That should be enough to cover everything… and then some.

And finally, the one massive spoiler that I can’t keep to myself… Honestly, “Never judge a book by its cover.” applies here.

The Introduction





Yup. Epic series in the book and on the screen.

2 Responses

  1. Yeah, Izaya might seem more “sinister” in the manga, but the outcome of his meeting with the two girls (which happened in the novel as well) and Kamichika Rio (anime) is the same — unless the manga is changing details from the novel it was specified there that he drugged those girls and led them to believe they were “about to die” so they would give up their suicide plan (which is why they initially met with him — the “group suicide pact” mentioned in the ep1). So either way, the result is the victim(s) rejection of suicide, but the anime Izaya was actually made out to look WORSE, since in the novel/manga Izaya chose not to kill them, while in the anime he kept pushing Rio until she actually jumps off the roof, and she’ s only saved because of Celty (which Izaya didn’t expect).

    But yeah, Erika and Walker’s “Dengeki torture” = badass. Here’s hoping the anime adds it in (or doesn’t censor it to death).

    • But then again, he drugs girls, stuffs them in suitcases, and it’s been highly implied that he’s sent them off to loan sharks in the past who do all sorts of nasty and vile things to them – all for a bit of money.

      I seriously think that manga! and novel!Izaya is a lot worse than his rendition in the anime, where he seemed like nothing more than a pitiable hedonist who acts like a chick and only fucks with people for a good laugh. At the very least, his antics appear more passable in the anime. Whereas the novel grows to great lengths to describe how awful he is, and the manga makes his facial expressions so twisted, it seems that those who have only watched the anime are more forgiving of his actions because the anime doesn’t really make them out to be that awful and almost glorifies him.

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