Darker Than Black (Shikkoku no Hana) – Special 2

In the Gate, wishes are granted…

Brief Summary

An alternate take of what Hei encountered when he breached Hell’s Gate…

Known for his huge appetite, the intelligence agencies and select characters have taken interest with Hei… since he’s the judge of the cooking competition. The prize is a nice private dinner date with him. However, despite the number of teams, they were quickly eliminated one after another. First MI-6, then the Russian FSB.

Poor Tanya…

As for Section 3, things aren’t any better but at the very least, they’re not qualified… yet.

Of course, the last team had the most incentive to win. After all, they’re the heroines of the series.

And… where’s Amber?

However, that’s not enough to sate the “Voracious Masked King”. In the end, Hei made most of the food and everyone had a share. Everyone’s a winner.


Funny and well-done. They kept the characters true to how they were in the series, namely the second season. Also, I hope that somehow BONES is able to animate Shikoku no Hana but given how wacky the ending was, doubtful. Such wasted potential…


4 Responses

  1. ahaha The first picture has a perfect contrast of expressions :P

    Yin is cute in that apron :)

  2. Love Love Love!

    It’s great to see this, good feeling and cute!

  3. Yes! Love Team wins (or is closest to doing so)! Yin is <3

  4. WHERE’S BAI? ):

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