Darker than Black OVA

This is everything the trailer was… and maybe 5 minutes more of new material.


Once again, I was expecting too much. Granted, I had no idea that the OVA would be in parts, each spanning a regular episode in length. Therefore, it may be possible for future releases to please me. However, for this particular segment, I was hoping for more Hei (and Yin) to wash away the horrid mess that the second season ended with. While it did provide more insight into their escape from the Syndicate, it wasn’t nearly as much as I had hoped. There was no touching Hei x Yin moments where the two truly bonded. Instead, I was left with even more disdain for Hei. In Gemini of the Meteor, he was abusive to Suou. Here, knowing how Yin was, he almost abandoned her for an illusion of Amber. Ironic enough, the one who swore to protect them both failed to notice 1) that “Amber” was a fake and 2) “Amber” was actually a guy who was using his powers as a contractor. I bet the yaoi faction is going wild with this new development.

In terms of story, little was revealed. If you watched the second season, you would have known that something happened to Yin to make her change. Hence, it was little surprise when the reason was simply… evolution. She’s with Hei and supposedly, his powers influenced her. Electromagnetic interference possibly? This perks my interest since EMI is very similar to the field I work in and very little research was done about its long-term effects on human beings. But I rest assured that the U.S. government have 30-year old documentation saying that it’s perfectly safe… disregarding the rumors of having only daughters once you work there.

One more bone to pick at… When Hei was being confronted with two contractors, one of them with black hole abilities similar to Hirose from Alive manga, the episode skipped past the fight and straight into the compound where Yin was being held. It was completely different from the beginning where Hei faced off against the Syndicate’s assassins. Then again, I suppose Hei is powerful enough to just assume that he won and move on with the story.

Overall, not too impressed. The next episode should have more material. More Yin.



4 Responses

  1. Dude looks like a lady.

  2. ffviiknight i may be wrong but you drew a double arts omake, even if you didnt i would like it if you helped me restart this manga. you see if we cant restart the manga lets remke the manga. if you know what the characters are like you can draw the story, i would have done this myself but i cant draw. now i can help and you alone dont have to draw, there are other people on here and we can get a bunch of people to work on this. please this may no longer be important to you but it means alot to me and other people even still. please im begging for your help.

  3. here you can leave me a comment here.

  4. Please check your Youtube homepage for my response.

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