Winter 2010: Representing Series with One Screenshot

That sums up my feelings about the current season.

Ladies vs. Butlers by XEBEC

At first, I thought the title was Maids vs. Butlers but even if that’s the case, it’s not enough to salvage any hope of watching this. 100% fanservice with no plot. A complete waste of maids.

Seikon no Qwaser by Hoods Entertainment

I think this will be the first time where I’m expressing regret over the amount of censorship. Overdone and it affects the plot. Otherwise, pretty good and I look forward to the Qwaser of Copper making her appearance.

Ookami Kakushi by AIC

The start was like any other series. A new transfer student moves in and captures the eye of several girls, one of them being his sister. Typical harem… but then a slight twist. There’s a bit of the supernatural involving the wolves in the area. All in all, it feels like 11eyes, which I dropped. Likelihood of me doing the same here? Decent.

Durarara!! by Brain’s Base

I claim her.

The only series to evoke a feeling of WOW!, destroying any competition for the top spot with the second episode. An amazing opening with top-notch animation and an intriguing story unfolding piece-by-piece. From the studio that made Baccano!, Denpa Teki na Kanojo, and Kure-nai, I expect great things. However, the one cloud to rain on Brain’s Base‘s parade is their work on Innocent Venus. Overall, I’m very optimistic about where it’s direction. I have to be because everything else is quite lackluster.

Chu-Bra! by ZEXCS

The series centers around one thing: underwear. However, it shouldn’t be mistaken for the mind-numbingly stupid mess that is Ladies vs. Butlers. Yes, there is fanservice but it’s not overwhelming. There is a weak plot centering on schoolgirls learning to wear bras and panties. Informative if you want to stretch it that far. Fun watch but not really for the intellectual.

Dance in the Vampire Bund by SHAFT

I like SHAFT. I really do. However, I think they should stay away from action series. Comedy, romance, and drama are their strengths. I read the manga and it isn’t good enough to hold my attention. I would’ve dropped it if a different studio was animating. Compounded with a wasteful first episode, my expectations are pretty low.

Baka to Test to Shokanju by Silver Link

Almost there but not quite, much like Hideyoshi being the round girl. I really enjoyed the manga and had high hopes for the anime. However, the pacing between the two adaptations are completely different. Hence, I’m a bit confused as to how it got this far in only two episodes. That’s not to say that I disliked it. I’m just trying to adjust between the two mediums. Good stuff. Hilarious stuff.


3 Responses

  1. I would point out in the case of Ookami Kakushi that the harem trope is being subverted by the overall horror elements; pay attention to how the female lead’s friend reacts to the attention. Then consider the fact that she, like the male lead, is a recent comer to the area.

  2. omfg HIDEYOSHI!

    A new transfer student moves in and captures the eye of several girls, one of them being his sister


    Thank goodness for DRRR!! this season. :P

  3. Ah, wasting maids is so evil! Where all the quality services have gone? I wonder about the context of that screenshot though :P

    Everyone seems to enjoy du(ra)^3

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