Hayate no Gotoku! – Chapter 175

You Bump Into Everyone You Need In Life

Having a trappy maid or an overworked butler? Tough choice.

Brief Summary

Since Sakuya’s maturing into a woman, her butlers can no longer serve her. Thus, the search begins for the perfect maid.

That project was to observe maids working in a particular café, one owned by her family as its name implies. If a worker were to catch her eye, she would be recruited to be Sakuya’s personal attendee.

Just then, Chiharu entered. Despite Sakuya’s initial pessimism, she found herself more and more interested by the schoolgirl-turned-maid. It seemed like a perfect match.

However, still refusing, Sakuya stepped out of the café to visit Nagi.

Hearing that “fate” was what brought Hayate and her cousin together, Sakuya began to change her mind. Going into an arcade to distract herself, she found herself co-oping with none other than Chiharu.

Evangelion reference? Ayanami quote? FUCK YEA!!!

The rest… is history.


Maid Chiharu is win. Polar opposites between her student council and personal maid persona makes for a remarkable combination. Compounded with that arcade moment, definitely one of my favorite characters of all time. Then again, all of the characters in Hayate no Gotoku! are high-class so that distinction isn’t too surprising.

Awaiting more awesome maid moments. There needs to be some competition between Maria, Saki, and Chiharu to become the top maid of the series. Maybe Isumi could join the fight since she was one during that short story about learning the essence of a maid… taught by Chiharu.


2 Responses

  1. Oh god, Chiharu! Is this the backstory, I kinda don’t remember from the anime, but w/e This is the Power of Maid.


  2. This post is months late but, Chiharu really is a great character but when dressed as a maid, is her design borrowed to heavily from Touhou’s Sakuya Izayoi?
    Her personality isnt the same but her appearance, maid outfit even her hair color in the anime seem to be to large of a coincidence.

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