Seishun Pop

A new transfer student is no stranger to Sakuta.

Brief Summary

Sakuta Gotou gets unnerved easily, both at home and school. Between a clingy childhood friend calling herself his younger sister and a well-endowed classmate whom he always winds up in an awkward situations with, the only refuge he has is music. Made by a band called Incest, once he puts on his earphones, all of his worries fade away.

However, that all changed when he got tickets to their live concert. Attending it with a friend, the first thing Sakuta noticed was Ive, the lead signer. She was seen earlier that day, introduced by his friend as the beautiful transfer student for another class. More importantly, she knows him. In fact, she stopped in the middle of a song just to come up and hug him.

Who is she? Well, her real name is Shiori Izumi and as for her relationship to Sakuta, she’s his estranged older sister. They had lived apart ever since childhood and only now reunited. Making things worse, he may have some… feelings for her, much to the ire of other competitors.

And so, the battle begins… for Sakuta’s heart.


If I had to relate this to another series, Hatsukoi Limited would be it. However, it’s more centralized without all the different love stories. Just a “sister” harem but the characters are similar. Most notable is Ami when she formed an alliance to fight a bigger foe, much like Koyoi fighting the “final boss”. However, looking at the three, my favorite is the librarian girl Ayano. There’s just something about her that appeals to me. Maybe her maturity or shyness, real purity unlike the second season of Nogizaka Haruka. Most likely is how she tries so hard to be with Sakuta but she doesn’t have to courage to do such things directly.

“Are you in love right now?”


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  1. Oh god what!? XD!!!!!!!!

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