Ane Pani

On the bright side, she is most certainly looks cute.

Brief Summary

Gouhara Jin and Konoe are twins readying for their first day at high school. However, there’s one small problem. Despite her outward appearance, she’s not your average girl. She doesn’t even think like one. Jin exceeds the definition of a tomboy, likening more to a member of the Yakuza. Even so, Konoe made his older sister promise to restrain herself and act like an “elegant lady”. He doesn’t want the troubles from middle school to plague them.

However, the first day introduced some obstacles. He was already being picked on and as usual, his sister proves who’s the real boss of the area. However, there were no witnesses to the incident. Everyone just assumed that Konoe was the one who was able to make the devastating retaliation when it was Jin who actually did that.

That incident was not forgotten. Weeks later, the same bully got reinforcements and confronted Konoe. They proceeded to beat him up until Jin made her surprise entrance. However, no one really noticed her arrival. She was hidden behind her brother so once again, everyone assumed that he was the one to deal the finishing blows.

It seems like Konoe has a long way to go to tame his sister… if he can survive for the time being.


Oh man. Usually with a delinquent girl, it’ll take on the path of Onidere or Yandere Kanojo. The female protagonist has a tough appearance but inside, she’s awfully weak to embarrassment. However, with Jin, it’s the other way around. She’s cute on the outside but her true personality is the polar opposite. Normally, I would dismiss her as one of those over-the-top characters but seeing that one page with her doing the Ranka キラッ~!, she won me over. That and enjoying the opportunity to beat people up. She’s so cute… but all for the wrong reasons.

Delightful first chapter. I’m looking forward to what other troubles Konoe will face… in the aftermath of her sister’s acts.


3 Responses

  1. loool, loved the thumbs up XD

  2. well it seems that this is a one shot manga, [I did not read the comment policy] states this as completed after one chapter, the last page also has a “FIN” there. But i also want to see more of ane pani.

  3. Thanks I really like that kind of girl…

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