Psychometrer Eiji

G.T.O. with an psychic Onizuka.


First off, what is a psychometrer? Well, he or she is someone who can recall events without directly taking part in them. In Eiji’s case, he can read strong memories left on objects or people just by touching them. It’s an incredibly useful but not foolproof ability taken advantage of by one police detective.

Under the right circumstances, he can tell what truly happened, regardless of how little evidence is left or how deceitful witnesses are.

While it’s a neat power, you might dismiss this as one of those run-of-the-mill mystery series. The authorities would enlist his help to catch the bad guys. He’ll use his psychic powers to find the real culprit. There’s a happy ending for each case. Rinse and repeat for each volume. Actually… no.

What sets this apart from other series are the graphic scenes. The authors don’t hold back on the possibility of things going downhill before justice prevails. If anything, they promote it and lavish plenty of detail upon the criminals’ deeds. However, that doesn’t mean they focus solely on blood and gore. They use it to develop Eiji’s character and it’s done in a way that makes sense. That is, at least for me.

In conclusion, Psychometrer Eiji is a great mystery series that has both plenty of suspense and action. Mature for some themes, this is a work directed for an older audience.


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  1. Very nice hair on “High School Girls” panel :)

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