Kara no Kyoukai 7: Satsujin Kousatsu (Part 2)

The final release for this wonderfully dark and suspenseful series.


Was this the best Kara no Kyoukai episode? Not really. I found the third and fifth movies superior since they were more balanced. Remaining Sense of Pain and Paradox Spiral had a better action and their stories fleshed out the characters more. Here, it felt like the series is trying to take care of a straggler. Shirazumi Lio was the last person touched by the prime antagonist, Araya Souren. Having the “final boss” defeated in a previous episode struck me as weird. In addition, while the series may delve into darkness, there was only one scene that could match the perverseness shown by Lio when he had Shiki handcuffed down. Salivating over the helpless girl or seeing Fujino raped, both were a tad over the top. And I should not forget, the dire lack of Azaka and Touko. I was spoiled by the sixth movie with Kokutou’s sister being the main star.

Yet, Murder Speculation (Part 2) brought one thing that its previous releases can never accomplish. That is, a sense of closure. The ending of a series is what bumps “above average” to “amazing” and vice versa. To me, it’s more important than the introduction or middle portion. A series with a great ending is better than one that fizzles out. Here, there is a definite conclusion to the Kara no Kyoukai saga. Shiki comes to the truth about herself and her meaning in life. Kokutou made his feelings clear and helped Shiki retain her humanity. They both reconciled with their troubled, (thought to be) bloodstained past. For a moment, I thought their relationship would end with Kokutou’s ultimatum over the phone. A tragedy, I assumed until the very end. Then, Kokutou went back on his words, bringing up an old promise about bearing her sins. That was the defining moment for this episode. What followed… can explain itself.

A well-deserved happy ending. Now, the wait for U.S. releases…


2 Responses

  1. Have not followed this anime, but the screenshots look very good :) It is nice to see a happy ending :)

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