Wa! (by KOJIMA AKIRA) – Chapter 1

Another slice-of-life with the standard quirks. If it works, why fix it?

Brief Summary

There’s no particular focus in this series. Although there appears to be several main characters, I found the student vice president to be the most interestingh… for obvious reasons.

However, as the adage goes, curiosity killed the cat. For the student president, she discovered the dark side of gaming. Welcome… to the world of eroge.

Truly, despite his cool exterior, Tobira is thoroughly corrupted.

Yet, there’s a girl who’s interested in him. She knows nothing about him and thus, after hiring an observer to discover his likes and dislikes, the results were not quite what she expected…

Definitely. Ignorance is bliss…


Adorable artwork with a simple plot. Honestly, nothing deep. It gives me vibes of the Minami-ke with the humor and pace of the series. Not quite as focused like the daily happenings of the three sisters but in here, the vice president appears to play an important role. He’s involved with the student council, the target of one’s surveillance, and the crush of fellow student. Well, at least for this chapter…

Short, fun, and enjoyable. A nice read after a long day at work.


4 Responses

  1. So LOL! I totally love the prez, so cute. GAH! <3 All these girls are crazy/quirky, but it seems to have fun vibe.

  2. Reading. must

  3. :)
    Slice of life never fails to entertain.

  4. its a supper cute manga and it made me sad when i couldnt read more due to it being an ongoing seires

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