GE – Good Ending : Chapter 11


Could it be nearing the end? I hope not…


Everything seems to be going right. Shou, the tennis captain whom Utsumi’s crushing on, is showing interest. Whether or not they’re truly romantic emotions or just memories of the past brought up by an old flame, that is unknown. However, the die has been cast. Utsumi invited her for an outing and Shou got a hint from Yuki that it’s more than a friendly meeting.

It seems that Yuki’s involvement would come to an end. Her only investment was to train Utsumi to be the ideal boyfriend, not the shy and nervous wreck in previous weeks. Yet, there might be more than that. She sees a little bit of hope in him. A small glimpse of her troubled past was revealed. She had been betrayal by the one she loved and vowed never to love again… That is, until now.

Utsumi finished their rooftop meeting with a promise. He’ll confess to Shou and no matter what happens, someday in the future, he’ll repay her for the help. Just like how she helped him with his love life, he’ll return the favor… Yuki, with a smile on her face, accepted his words.

I do not want this to end in the next chapter. Really, I don’t want Utsumi to wind up with Shou since 1) she’s not a character whom I like and 2) Yuki’s so much more interesting. Not sure how the author will take it and I never read the one-shot that followed after. However, judging by how Shou’s still in love with her senior, the amount of coverage that Yuki has, and the new questions surfacing about her past, it should be a Yuki ending. At least for me, that would be the Good Ending to this series.

Burning with anticipation, much like how I was with Bitter Virgin. Ah, the memories.


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  1. I like character design of the girl :)

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