Hajimete no Aku – Chapter 44

Delusional Divas

Kyouko revealing her true feelings? Impossible!


Kyouko made a move! Too bad she’s got some fierce competition, a heroine of justice who became a transfer student plus a maid cyborg who’s modeled after her. In addition, 2.0 is programmed to be subservient, unlike the tomboyish original. Points for the maid!

Kyouko’s intervention went just as planned. However, as big of a step it was for a future relationship, a bitter rivalry was borne.

Hilarious. 2.0’s ability to predict Shizuka’s advance and reacting to the threat. War right outside the house. That was quite enjoyable. Now there’s no safe place for Kyouko to reveal her true growing feelings for Jiro. Shizuka’s in school. 2.0’s at home. Nowhere! When will she make it known… or when would Jiro notice?

Plenty of humor in future chapters, definitely.


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