Darker than Black 2 – Episode 9

Suou’s first time without Hei…

Brief Summary

As for the first season’s protagonist, the first thing he did was shave his beard and trim his hair. Welcome back you stylish “Black Reaper of Death”.

The Russian loli fared worse. After being discovered on the train, unconscious due to the cold weather and her wet clothes, she was taken in by Kiko and a friend. Of course, if you might remember, Kiko was the detective’s assistant and very much into cosplay. Yin was not spared. Neither was July.

Fortunately, Suou did not suffer the same treatment.

Misaki continues her investigation, unlocking a CD with the password “IZANAMI”. It was one of the scariest moments ever when loli Amber appeared in the reflection. Totally unexpected.

Back to Suou, she hired Gai and Kiko to help find a certain place in Tokyo, one specified by her twin brother. That and to find her mother.

While they were searching the city for clues, Hei makes a move against Section 3. He kidnaps Yoko while Mina was busy in a meeting. He executed the extraction quickly and efficiently.

After wandering around most of the day, Suou and company wound up at the airport. They heard that her mother was flying back so they decided to take the chance to meet her. Seeing her new cosplay friend depressed, Kiko tried cheering her up.

After some words of encouragement, the arriving passengers streamed in. Near the end of the crowd, Suou found her mother and vice versa. Seeing the tearful reunion, Gai and Kiko chose that moment to leave. However emotional it was, the atmosphere was destroyed when her mother mistook Suou for Shion. After all, Suou had died long ago…


Wow. Just when you thought the episode was going to be silly with Gai and Kiko in it… Way more serious. Progress on all fronts; Suou’s, Hei’s, and Misaki’s. Plus a little bit of action thrown into the mix.

Good job Hei. You’re progressing up the food chain. Kidnapping older women now instead of the underage crop. But all silliness aside, I bet Hei’s about to recover his powers. There would be no other reason to keep Yoko alive. She’s the one who worked with the Doctor who was responsible for the device that stole his powers in the first place.

From assassin to hobo and now back to being a professional (in both looks and work) assassin. A pleasant change indeed.


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  1. Yeaaaah man! This shit is getting grand. “Not safe” <- ROFL!!!

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