Claymore – Chapter 98

Bursting in Tears

Talk about overpowered…

Brief Summary

As it turned out, both Cynthia and Uma survived the barrage, the subsequent encounter with the infected Beth, and the sudden appearance of Priscilla. However, the former is in very bad shape. Despite being the defensive type with strong regenerative abilities, with her limbs and most of her organs taken away, there’s little chance for her to live.

Yet, Uma was willing to bet on that miracle, even if it means sacrificing herself and her youki. Uma could do nothing to stop her, only watching as her partner was preparing to exchange her life for her own.

Meanwhile, in the other side of the battlefield, Riful watched as Alicia fought for control, her enemy trying to stop the Awakening. However, something diverts the twin’s attention. Alicia flew to where her sister was and transformed immediately. Both were beyond salvation. Both were united against a common foe, Priscilla.

The best of the Organization fought hard but despite several quick hits, the tide quickly turned against them. Priscilla easily destroyed Alicia with one hand. After seeing her sister die right in front of her, Beth shed a river of tears… before launching one final, desperate attack.

In the hills where the battle was fought not too long ago, Riful could barely stand. Not only due to injuries but in shock of how quick two top-tier Awakened Beings were taken out. She was not the only one to know what happened. Clare did too and the youki she sensed was familiar… very familiar.


If it weren’t for Raki being detained by the Organization, I would say that the end of the series is within sight. However, that is not the case. If anything, there will be a brief chance encounter where Clare pursues Priscilla only to be cast aside due to the overwhelming difference in power. Right now, Clare stands no chance of winning even if she was in her Awakened state.

As for Cynthia and Uma, I guess this is an early goodbye to the latter? From my understanding, Uma will be sacrificing herself to provide the extra energy needed for Cynthia to regenerate what’s missing and live. However, that might be a wasted effort considering that Priscilla is free to roam around again. In a sense, Beth was a buffer but now that she’s destroyed, that precious distance means nothing against a determined Awakened Being.


4 Responses

  1. FUCKING BEHEADED, bitch! Hahaha, man, Priscilla has done a complete 180 in my view of her. I hated her so much, especially for taking away the awesomeness that was Teresa, but now.. she more than redeemed herself.

    As for Cynthia and Uma, I don’t think they’ll be killed by Priscilla. Priscilla even said, she doesn’t care about weaklings, she’s searching for a man (maybe Raki, now that she lost contact with him?), so unless Cynthia tries to attack Priscilla of her own accord, I don’t see her getting killed, assuming Uma’s synchronization works.

    Clare, on the other hand, will surely recognize Priscilla’s youki and go after her. Ahhhh, why oh why must Claymore be so awesome yet so infrequent. WANT MOAR NAO

  2. I still like Teresa more than Priscilla. That view might never change.

    As for Priscilla, not sure who the man she’s looking for is. I doubt it’s Raki since she was with him when everything fell apart. They were both in the town when the spikes rained down.

    Quality > Quantity.

  3. Yeah, I still like Teresa more than anyone else, always have. That actually might change if Priscilla shows awesomeness above and beyond Teresa, but that’d be hard to do.

    And yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s not Raki either, but I really don’t know who else it could be.

    Yes, Quality > Quantity, but that doesn’t stop me from desperately wanting MOAR D:

  4. Teresa is still the strongest in my mind, although Priscilla is getting pretty overpowered. I don’t know if Clare will be able to do anything to Priscilla right now. I hope Priscilla will fight Rafaela/Luciela in a clash of the titans.

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