Kiddy Girl -AND- : Episode 7

Actually, Ascoeur… you’re the one accused of doing so.

Brief Glimpse

Ascoeur, Q’feuille, and Dia were “borrowed” by ES members Trixie and Troyes Jeanne for a special training mission. While in warp flight, the girls had a very interesting conversation. It all started with Dia’s confession.

There was no mistake. Dia claims that Ascoeur molested her.

After realizing the truth of the matter, the teleporter ES trainee cleared up the misunderstanding. There was no molestation, only a lesson taught. An innocent and educational one, of course.

However, Trixie was the one to put the last words into the matter by inviting Ascoeur to her place.

There, the older woman will properly molest her.


Another great episode as expected. Cheerful and funny at the start. More substance in the latter half once the mission got underway. New faces with new enemies. Things are heating up when the G-Society becomes more public with its opposition to the GTO. An okay amount of action with Trixie and Troyes Jeanne. Ascoeur and Q’feuille were also pulling their own weight. Dia? Well, she had fun.

Can’t wait for next week’s release to appear. I’m hoping that the series will maintain its magic even when things get serious.


One Response

  1. Dia always has fun… it’s so awesome. XD

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