Darker than Black 2 – Episode 8

Goodbye Tanya.


Ever since she killed Nika, I was waiting for Tanya’s turn to die. She was Suou’s last link to the normal life and the start of everything falling apart. Now that she’s dead, I’m wondering if Suou will become a full-fledged Contractor. Hei’s order to shoot the crane didn’t stamp out the irregularities. Maybe the death of a close friend will. Although, it should be noted that Suou wasn’t the one to pull the trigger. It was her twin brother, Shion. An unexpected turn of events that will surely bring future complications to both Hei and Suou.

To be part of the Hei fanclub, there are obstacles to overcome.

Sadly, this is the last non-Pavlichenko person to know Suou. Her other friends were administered the Memory Eraser so they have no recollection of her. Nika’s been slain by his own girlfriend and Tanya was sniped by Suou’s own brother. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Hei and Suou split up. On the bright side, she still has July and Mao. However, Hei’s loli harem is now defunct.

There was another important bit of information revealed during the middle of the episode. Yin apparently has the power to force Contractors to commit suicide. Now it makes sense for the runaway ex-Syndicate members to be apart. Hei was a Contractor and Yin’s power is to kill Contractors. However, that doesn’t explain why she’s completely nude in the midst of a barren, corpse-filled landscape. Possibly a requirement for that power or maybe the renumeration, assuming my theory of Yin becoming a Contractor holds true. Either way, we shall see… but not in the next episode.

Gai and Kiko from season one’s detective agency returns. Some gag humor to offset the serious atmosphere of this episode. The only thing to look forward to? Kiko forcing Suou into cosplay.


5 Responses

  1. Nooo! Tanya! D:

    I do like that Yin’s power picture though :)

  2. She died a virgin ;_;

  3. @Kitsune
    Yin’s still around… and naked, I believe. In her little capsule…

    But in your head, does that apply?

  4. To be part of the Hei fanclub, there are obstacles to overcome.


    Nice way to put things into perspective. Also, I think that view of Yin is maybe a combination of reality and Hei’s nightmare.

    Poor Tanya, but really things will get tough on Suou [and Hei since he assumes she pulled the trigger].

    Light episode next time to kinda ease the wake I guess.

  5. Not so light as you and I assumed…

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