Kami Sen – Chapter 6

Matchmaking! Cat God Power

Koutarou is one lucky guy.

Brief Summary

Seeing how her childhood friend easily accepted the (supposed) Gods of Poverty and Pestilence, Makoto could only despair over the uselessness her own shrine’s deity. Hearing her words of doubt, the Cat God materialized before her. To restore her faith in him, he came up with a plan to win Koutarou over and at the same time, weaken the goddesses of ill fortune.

Giving her with a sacred sword, all she had to do was swing it and a holy item will pop out. On her first try, Makoto got a book… with erotic pictures of her in various positions.

Showing Koutarou this collection is definitely a no-no. On her second try, Makoto attained maid mode.

However, as cute as she may be, she isn’t the only one dressed to serve. Konoha and Kyouko are also in maid uniforms to help advertise the hot springs.

Maybe three’s the charm? This time, Makoto obtains the ULTIMATE seduction clothes, the Black Cat Outfit.

Once again, she’s foiled by Konoha with her equally powerful Fox Outfit.

Forcing her way through with the sword, Makoto reaches Koutarou… only to realize just what the Cat God truly meant by “you can hide nothing from [your lover]”.

Of course, with such a… display, Koutarou knows that something’s amiss. Yet, he finds the right words to calm her down and reassure her that she really is beautiful. Problem solved… for now.


Awaawawaa~ Maids! Three of them! Makoto is still the best, but Kyouko is a close runnerup! Sorry Konoha but you don’t have enough charm to compete against them. All in all, plenty of fanservice in this chapter with the book and different uniforms.

Makoto-centric and I get the impression that there’s still hope for the two of them. Koutarou hasn’t been taken in by either of the goddesses and he hasn’t shown too much interest (for any of the girls). Because of that, I’m raging at the male protagonist since he didn’t appreciate the beauty of maids. Shame on him.

2 Responses

  1. Hmm… Ducks, bottles… what is next?

    Kitty overload! >.<

  2. I’m raging at the male protagonist since he didn’t appreciate the beauty of maids. Shame on him.

    Hahaha! That was a nice maid attire, works so well on Makoto.

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