Reverse trap spotted!

This is the story of three girls who happened to meet by fate.

Brief Summary

They also possess supernatural powers and have the same class in high school. However, they have to help each other out in order to protect their secrets.

Among the three, Watanabe Makoto is the closest to being normal. She’s a tall, gloomy girl who enjoys poetry. She carries around a pocket notebook to write down verses whenever they come to mind. Though she may look athletic, she has no talent whatsoever.

Kitou Chimi is the opposite of Makoto. She’s short and very energetic. In addition, her left eye can see spirits. That’s how she was able to spot the tail on the last girl even when it wasn’t actually showing.

The final member of the trio is Kaneko Neneko. She’s the most troubled of them all. She’s possessed by a “Yama no ko” or mountain child. As a result, Neneko has superior reflexes and sharper senses when transformed. Then again, it’s very awkward to be seen in public with ears popping out and a tail hanging between your legs.

Neneko has yet to learn how to control of her sudden transformations. If she gets irritated or startled, they appear.

However, there is a quick fix. Since the ears and tail appear due to excessive positive energy, a similar negative energy is required to nullify the reaction. It just so happens that Makoto is the perfect candidate for that.

With that information in mind, Neneko can stop her secret from spreading, but there were some close calls.

Some very close calls…

At least it remains a secret to others in their class…


Oh gawd! It’s so cute! The characters are so fun to read about, especially Makoto and Neneko. Makoto has the soft, quiet, reclusive charm. Compounded with her love for poetry and her reflective nature, it’s hard not to like her. Neneko has a somewhat tsundere personality, but she really opens up to her rubbing partner. A blooming relationship between the two…

For me, the most surprising thing is how the author, Zappa Go, is the same person who made Domina no Do!. This is nowhere near as service loaded nor does it seem intended to be. Well, there is that one panel about Iku’s description of a big, black, and fully erect tail… but it was just asking to be misunderstood.

A delightful series. Entertaining and energetic. Something to definitely enjoy as more chapters churn out.

3 Responses

  1. The final member of the trio is Kaneko Neneko. She’s the most troubled of them all.

    Fuck yes. Trouble is what I <3

    Will be paying attention to more of these Yamanko posts, might jump on it. (need to read latest Kamisen).

  2. Omanko, you say…

  3. I like how this artist draws hair :)

    Omg… those ears! :3

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