Kiddy Girl -AND- : Episode 6

Alisa is so devious for taking them to the yaoi butler/voice acting café.

The Corruption of Dia

Her reason for taking everyone? It’s an adventure that every girl should experience. Their wildest fantasies would be reenacted right before them with the help of several handsome men. However, for one so young as Dia, she only wants one thing… milk.

Of course, it’s perfectly fine to trust someone whose name is Peddy and he greets you by fondling your hair.

But when Dia wants milk, she wants Peddy’s milk. Not just any regular milk, his sweet milk…

A quick delivery results in one satisfied customer…

Quality eyes? But anyways, one glass isn’t enough. She wants more but it requires… preparation.

However, the star of the show is Tama. He’s the best!

A very fun episode. So many good parts in this ranging from Hiver and Zoma’s private time to the yaoi cafe to Ultimate Seme Tama~. Definitely the top show of the season with so much fun and energy in each episode. Sure, it might not be the perfect successor to Kiddy Grade but it’s enjoyable.


2 Responses

  1. Peddy’s Milk…. DO NOT WANT LOL

    It was already a great episode, but when Tama~ arrives… I lost it XD. Wakamoto is inspiring.

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