Mission! School

Think of Full Metal Panic! but with 30 female Sousuke’s transfering in.

Brief Summary

Takuya Ishikawa had a peaceful, boring life at the Kuriyama Private High School. With the exception of his perverted principal, he thought this year will be no different… until he opened the classroom door.

What prompted the principal to do such a thing? Was it out of the kindness of his heart to take in students of Saint Arsenal Academy because their building burned down? No… It was simply the root of all evil, cold hard cash.

At first, Takuya was fine with guiding the new transfer students. After all, it’s a paradise to be around so many lovely ladies.

However, when they showed their true colors, he had second thoughts.

Then the girls pulled out guns and heavy armament.

These girls were trained brainwashed to be perfect soldiers ladies to attain world domination peace.

And so, Tatsuya’s peaceful days came to an end


A fun start if a bit generic. Typical bland male protagonist trying to handle a suddenly eventful life. Then again, ladies with guns can hardly go wrong. I’m hoping that the group from Saint Arsenal will provide a nice balance of both action and humor. So far it’s doing fine.

As for that bit about the fourth dimension under their skirts, it’s beyond the Laws of Physics. :)


4 Responses

  1. Girls and Guns. Howwwww… Also, iii pantsu da ne.

  2. Damn, I wanted to write about this too. Dimensional panties lolwut.

    • You can if you want. It’s not like I’m claiming it though it does make me less motivated to blog about something already covered somewhere else. As for this, Mission! School seems like a fun series and hopefully, it’ll pan out in later chapters.

  3. Oh, Hatsugi is nice :)

    Well, you can think of the fourth dimension as time :)

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