Bakuman – Chapter 63

Doubt and Trust

Even though I’m an Iwase fan, I can’ help but feel sorry for Miyoshi.

Brief Summary

Takagi continues to use Aoki as a reference for female feelings. He had no idea that Miyoshi discovered Iwase’s book and learned of the meeting at the zoo.

That is, until he noticed her absence and called her. The first thing she did was question him. Hearing his nervous answer only made her angrier.

Takagi isn’t the only one in trouble. Mashiro is too.


This was definitely coming. I remember way back in the beginning chapters when Takagi had to choose between Iwase and Miyoshi for a girlfriend. Seeing him pick the latter only made me groan about how much of a waste it was to cast Iwase aside. Now, she’s back in the picture and about to make a grand entrance into the world of manga. As for Takagi and Mashiro, they’re about to face the wrath of a woman scorned.

So the choice is clear. Either the boys can clear up the misunderstanding and wind up losing in the rankings since they’ll be using up precious time… or they’ll shelve the girl problems for later and excel in their new manga. Mashiro’s definitely for the first option since he’s so whipped for Azuki. Yet, he’s not in the center of all this. Takagi is the one who shall decide where the series will go.


2 Responses

  1. Man, I’m really itching to get back into this series. I stopped reading it after the licensing announcement came out; here’s hoping they put out the official release nice and fast.

  2. I’m getting a bit bored of it. It somehow seems lacking in originality. I guess I’m just yearning for something more deep like the authors’ other work.

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