Hekikai no Aion

She’s not really like that… I think.

Brief Summary

Tsugawa Tatsuya had just lost his parents in an accident, leaving him alone with a huge inheritance and some lasting advice. He was to be an honorable man. However, that ideal was crushed when he met Miyazaki Seine.

Wanting to help her, Tatsuya actually got in her way. However, he persisted and found himself involved in something far bigger than he could ever imagine.

Seine is a witch. Her mission is to eliminate mermaids, the villains who corrupt people with parasitic mushi.

Things happened and Seine wound up being his roommate. After all, how could you not pick her up if you found out that she lived in a cardboard box in a public park?

However, their new living arrangement attracted more people, including Seine’s twin guardians.

Yes, Yuzuki is a lolicon. She’s also the new live-in maid.

No one is safe.


A wonderful series that had a great start. From the author of Chibi Vampire (Karin), Kagesaki Yuna kept her style consistent. Seine has a slight resemblence to Karin if you smooth away the errant strands of hair. Despite the serious nature of the plot, there’s plenty of humor inserted here and there. One-sided action so far with the witch’s AION pet.

Of course, what really hooked me was Yuzuki and her new job in the Tsugawa house. All brawn and no brain. That half is maintained by her twin Suzuki. A delightful series with the tsundere Seine and maid Yuzuki.


2 Responses

  1. Oh gawd… lolicon alert. This looks fun…. bu WHY KILLING THE MERMAIDS!?

  2. They’re evil creatures… or at least in this series.

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