Dousei Recipe – Chapter 10

Her Father

The Melancholy of Take-chan

Would you date that girl and face the FINAL BOSS standing behind her?

Brief Summary

Take and Tomoko decided to visit Takeshi to ask some more personal questions about his relationship with Suzune. Their friend had changed so much ever since she met Takeshi. They were concerned about his true reason for dating her, whether it’s just physical attraction or actually because they love each other.

Don't Blush

Only One In My Mind

Unsatisfied by his response, Take became to administer a test of her own. Here comes round 2!

Ultimate Test

Using her own body, Take tried to tempt Takeshi with some sensual poses. It was a formidable first step but he was able to resist.

Level 1

Something More Kinky

Even Tomoki got involved, forced at first. Double the power of seduction and Takeshi wavered slightly.

Fresh Cream

Seeing his defenses crumble, Take went for the final attack. She took off her panties and proceeded to lift her skirt.

Are These Panties

See It All

Before Takeshi could succumb to carnal desires, Suzune made her grand entrance. Take tried to take advantage of the situation but she knew the truth. Suzune completely trusts Takeshi.

His Playthings

Be Sure To Punish Him

Nothing could come between them anymore.

Only One I Love


The power of love… is so beautiful. Suzune is such a lovely girlfriend to Takeshi. She’s so cute and innocent but at the same time, she has complete faith in her boyfriend. She won’t fall to lies spun by others, including her friends. Ahhh~

An adorable chapter laden with fanservice from Take’s “test”. I can see her warming up to him. Even Tomoki accepted the happiness borne between the two lovers. Now if only Take would focus her attention to another resident of the apartment…


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