The Sacred Blacksmith – Episode 7

Cecily Maid

Tis the season of maids… but even that is not enough to win my heart.

Brief Summary




Need I say more? :)

Those from the Empire will be working to earn their stay. Every single of them… including Charlotte.

New Maid Trio

Princess Maid

Who’s the one to commit such a heinous crime? It was Fio, the loyal maid of the Campbell house. She is strict and unforgiving to the ones who threatened her master. Hence, there was no mercy.

Fio Head Maid

Fio's Greeting

Fio Maid Skills

Fio Maid Powers

Fio's Conditions

Scared Princess

Yet, she’s keen enough to quickly solve problems, even if her precious master must suffer a little bit of indignity. After all, misery loves company.

Cecily Must Join

Cecily Will Join

Another reason to love Fio. She is undoubtedly loyal and she wouldn’t mind making sacrifices… on behalf of Cecily.

Stop Fio

Fio Won't Stop

Fio's Assault

Fio Stripping Cecily

Cecily Revealed

And it was the knighted maid’s luck… to be given an errand to get apples. While coming back with a basketful, Cecily came across the last person that she would ever want to see, especially when she’s dressed up as a maid.

Cecliy with Apples

Lisa's Interest

Don't Look at  Me

Blush Blush

Blushing Basket

Finally, Luke learned a very important lesson. Don’t compliment Cecily. She will destroy you.

You Look Good

Incoming Punch

Critical Hit



Definite maid overload in this episode. If I didn’t know better about Manglobe’s financial problems, I might assume that this episode was tailored just for me… and other various maid fanatics. We went from a brief glimpse of Fio… to a grand total of six. Four from the Charlotte’s troupe (Empire princess inclusive) and one knight who was forced into it. Not complaining about the service… not at all.

However, what happened to all the serious business with the cloaked guy and the Devil’s Contract? The best action was when Fio tamed the unruly maid trainees and Cecily’s K.O. punch against Luke. Then again, I don’t want any cheesy human transformation and a boring fight where Cecily will be useless again, losing Aria only to have Luke clean up the mess afterward.

A delicious episode but one that leaves me craving for more service, not plot development. Hence, I wonder if Manglobe’s so great with the fanservice aspect, why can’t they apply the same effort to advance the story? Great episode on the surface… but no substance.


5 Responses

  1. I LOLEED at those image captions XD hahahah. Cecily blushing basket is pretty fabulous win, even if I haven’t been keeping up.

  2. You’re not missing much but yea, this episode was a shallow win! Maids! Can’t get enough of them… But I can deal without Cecily. She’s dangerousss.

  3. Nice coverage!

    “If I didn’t know better about Manglobe’s financial problems, I might assume that this episode was tailored just for me… and other various maid fanatics.” Are they not one and the same? Financial trouble=appeal to rabid fanbase where they feel it most.

    And my guess as to why no plot development….it’s based on a light novel that does not focus on serious plot and Manglobe does not want to risk it. They don’t want to dissuade viewers by making it too plot centric. It has to stay focused on characters and moe.

  4. Oh, I really like that look on Fio Head Maid picture :D Nice eyebrows :)

  5. Fio is a high class maid!

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