Darker than Black – The Black Contractor

Darker than Black - The Black Contractor

Bridging the gap between the first and second season.


This has to be one of the best promotional videos that I’ve ever seen. It’s building upon a series that I’ve held in high regards… and it’s how the sequel should have been, a point that I shall address further in the post.

The beginning 30 seconds of the video shows three contractors cornering Hei in an isolated industrial area… only to be destroyed by him. However, despite the victory, he’s reminded that The Syndicate is unrelenting in its hunt for traitors. It is a great way to catch fans of the first season. The only downside was how one of the contractors had familiar powers…

Flying Knives

Sakuya Imposter

But unlike him, she used knives instead of nails and had the ability to control time. That and she’s the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Sakuya Knives

The traitors are Hei and Yin. Also Mao if you want to be real technical but the animal-possessing contractor isn’t the focus of this OVA. Plus, from what I’ve seen of the second season, Mao didn’t know what happened between the two so he might not even show up. A (very minor) pity.

Beach Yin

Luffy Hei watching Yin

Hei x Yin

But being on the run with no one to trust but each other brings about a different development, one that was hinted at the finale of the first season but never made official. To best describe their relationship, Yin is Hei’s woman.

Sleeping Yin

Yin is Hei's Woman

Yin Cuddle

However, something happens. Something that seems to originate from Yin. Whatever it was, Hei and Yin split up… and Hei wants to kill her. At least in words but his action in stopping Suou’s shot indicates otherwise.

Yin's Doll

Yin's Doll 2

Through all this, they continue their escape from the secret organization that used to control them. Tougher opponents appear, including one who could pass off as Amber’s sister. Little is known about the antagonist besides her remuneration of eating flowers. However, judging by her use of a gun, her ability is more of a crippling one, not offensive like Hei’s.

Maybe Amber's Sister

The inevitable result leads into second season and the cause of Hei’s haggard appearance. What and how it happened remains unknown, unspoiled by the 3-minute release.

Too much to handle

Unlike the second season, I don’t think I’ll have as much of a problem enjoying it. The Black Contractor is very clear with identifying the main characters, Hei and Yin. With the Twins of the Meteor, I’m still not so sure. It could be centralized around Suou or Hei and just looking at the opening, probably Suou. Frankly, I found Chiaki from the first season’s starter episodes more interesting than that Russian schoolgirl, and she was just a Doll to bait Hei out. In addition, Suou haven’t been fully immersed yet since she’s still a pseudo-Contractor. The mission to reunite with her twin brother was all but forgotten, replaced by jealousy. Also, the OVA is directed to a more experienced crowd, people who’ve seen the first season in its entirety. Hopefully, it’ll pick off right from the end of the first season without focusing on minor characters.

With Twins of the Meteor, it’s slowly warming up to me. I have a theory about what happened but plenty of holes in the logic. That theory is: [highlight to show] Yin became a contractor and the only way to turn her back is for Hei to use a Meteor fragment. Hei wants to kill her because she betrayed him but her action was a sacrifice, to protect Hei from her awakening powers and from the pursuing Syndicate.

I can’t wait for the release in January. More Yin = More happiness!


6 Responses

  1. Oh wow, that knife wielding maid looks awesome ::)

  2. I’m so so so excited for this xD, cant wait

  3. Snap! This looks pretty proper for DtB. Ah Winter… KYAAA!

  4. @Kitsune
    Sakuya > that Contractor. She has flair.

    Same here

    Yes, winter is looking better. Now if only there were other shows that I’m interested in…

  5. It did not stop death.

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