Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode X – Chapter 2

Shannon Maid

Sharpeless Witch

I’ll be more than ok with that.

Brief Summary

Things continued to get worse. Battler noticed more oddities with his family. Jessica and Shannon have gone missing. An axe-wielding girl was voluntarily mowing their lawn for no real reason.

Mowing the Lawn

His grandfather suddenly showed up and demanded all the youngsters to leave. It was time for a serious discussion between adults… but not about the inheritance. It was for Beato. Everything’s for Beato.

Beato Marching Song

Wandering around, Battler ventured into the forest and found Beatrice Angel Mort. He also found his father… and Shannon (and Shion and Satoko). Like father, like son.

Welcome to Angel Mort

Served by Summoned Devils

Shannon was his maid for the session… not that Battler was complaining or anything.

Stay Standby

But Jessica is still missing. The chessboard has been set up and so, the game begins.


An interesting mix of the two series. Rena’s appearance was a tad out of place and the Beato March was just way out there. Kinzo may be 100% gag with his bottomless obsession of the Golden Witch.

Of course, my favorite part was when Shannon showed up at Angel Mort. It would’ve been PERFECT if she wore the standard restaurant uniform. The Ushiromiya maid looks so conservative when standing next to Shion. I would be envious of Rudolf had I not known about the Seven Stakes of the Purgatory. That and they’re not in the proper dress.

Amazing so far. Definitely seeing the parallels and enjoying the obvious humor. Now I’m waiting for that one defining Higurashi moment…


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