Otaku no Musume-san – Chapter 29

Just a Dream

End Of Summer Episodes, Essays, Whatever…

Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Brief Summary

Some minor developments here and there. Nicchi managed to make some memories with Kanau without her knowing. When she realized the truth, it was already too late.

Bear Costume

Taeko continues her research on otakus but it isn’t clear who’s observing who. “She’s almost there…” so they say.

Real Deal

There was also an unexpected visitor. She was discovered at the gates, waylaid by the resident dog before she could start looking for Taeko.

Disliked Doggies

When Did You Make Her

Maybe She Ran Away

Despite her looks, Kimi wasn’t a real schoolgirl. She’s Taeko’s mother.

That was my mom

Parent and Child

Yet, that was not the most shocking event in this chapter. No… it was the unveiling of the last member of the apartment, Tooru Nagato.

Hot and so White

Very surprising… along with the rest of the hidden family.

Rare Existence Disease

WTF Family

After a sight like that, Kouta didn’t last long.


Amazing chapter. It would’ve been better if there was more focus on a single development rather than two or three, depending if you count the end of summer vacation as one. Kimi’s going to come back for sure. It’ll be interesting to see the mother-daughter pair together, especially when Taeko is the more mature adult of the two of them. As for Nagato, as beautiful as she is (and hopefully not one of those tricky traps), she might not be involved in future chapters. Just an overdue introduction for comedic purposes.

A solid series. Funny but with a definite plot. What more could you ask for?


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  1. That girl on the left side in the first panel has cute eyebrows :)

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