Darker Than Black – Shikkoku no Hana (Special Chapter)

Black Reaper

Don’t worry. At least you’re not a drunk child abuser…

Brief Summary

Hei and Yin were given another important mission from The Syndicate. They were to verify and retrieve the a healing stone from the hot springs. One was rumored to come from beyond Hell’s Gate.

Stone from Hell's Gate

Hei and Yin weren’t the only customers. Unlike those two, some were here for pleasure, not business.

Nice Place

Since their intel lacked the target’s exact location, the two agents split up. Yin would take the women’s half. Hei would take care of the men’s.

Hot Springs Yin

Every Step of the Way

Though swarmed, Yin had better luck than Hei. At least she found overly attentive acquaintances instead of hostile forces.

November 11 vs BK201

The effects of the battle could be felt on the other side.

Electric Spring

As for the stone, well… Let’s just say that the mission’s a failure.

Made in China


Damn it. I miss the first season. The sequel just doesn’t feel up to par. Not enough Yin. Too much Suou. Hei is no longer feared for his Contractor abilities, only for his drinking and loli abuse. If only BONES took up this version instead of Twins of the Meteor… I can only wish.


Are you ready for Christmas?


3 Responses

  1. I’m liking the 2nd season, but Hei’s behavior is really off putting. I know that it’s most a combination of whatever happened to Yin and that this personality is his real one (not the Lee he was pretending to be in the first season. But it’s just so odd to see a character I like acting so horribly.

  2. ROFL..

    Are you ready for Christmas?

    Well now I’m just not sure XP

    Pretty enjoyable chapter we have here, GAH… YIN!

  3. @Doctor President
    Second season isn’t cutting it for me since Suou isn’t too impressionable and as you noted, Hei lost his flair. I just hope we see more action than just him being drunk or abusive to the Russian loli.

    Yin! Hot Springs! MADE IN CHINA!

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