Kiddy Girl -AND-

Happy Q-feuille

I have found… perfection.


It doesn’t take much to appease me. My ratings may not reflect that but catching my attention requires very few buttons to be pushed. That and if I have time to spare. When finished, I may come to the conclusion that it’s a complete waste of time or more often than not, a bland series with nothing remarkable. Without its quirks, Kiddy Girl -AND- would fall into the sad but growing pile of rejections. However, with them, this is one of my more anticipated shows for autumn.

Mahou Q-feuille

The first thing that comes to mind is the uniform. Forget the first 5 minutes with the flashback and having the fate of humanity hinge on the outcome of an epic space battle. It’s all about waitressing with Ascoeur and Q’feuille. They’re maids who are ready to serve. I can only dream of my company being like the GTO and providing a maid café for rest and relaxation.

Magical Wand

Although I usually despise the useless, naive, and whiny moeblob types, Ascoeur doesn’t seem as bad. Her voice and personality meshes very well. It’s far better than Kuruko from A Certain Scientific Railgun or those disemboweled stuffed animals in Kämpfer. Even if I found myself annoyed at a certain scene, it would’ve smoothed over by the end of the episode. Now, I can’t see her any other way but a clingy pudding addict.

Tsundere Q-feuille

The other half of the ES apprentice team almost became a cookie cutter tsundere. If it wasn’t for the magic wand incident, her hidden mahou shoujo loving side would never be revealed. However, now that it’s public, I see her in a different light. Cute and shy. Jealous if her partner talks about another girl. Q’feuille is so adorable~


Finally, we have the parodies that filled the second episode. It wasn’t overdone like Seitokai no Ichizon. They hit the more (in)famous ones and paced it out. I didn’t have to stop and think about the source. There was enough time to do so while watching it without pause.


All of this adds up to a solid show that holds a guarenteed spot in my weekly viewing. Sure, the starting episodes seem to have nothing related to its prequel. However, I get the impression that the producers want to build up the relationship between the Ascoeur and Q’feuille before diving deeper. After all, they’re not full ES members… yet.

That being said… I want to know why this show wasn’t recommended to me earlier :(

One Response

  1. Q’feuille is so adorable~

    OMG YES. Also, this is just so damn enjoyable in these early episodes. Gotta just love these characters and the whole setup. Mahou Shoujo Meido Q-feuille is serious WIN.

    I so wish I’d started this sooner. D:

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