Kyou no Asuka Show – Chapter 4

Swimsuit vs Underwear

Asuka-chan, The Swimsuit, and It’s Properties

This girl has the weirdest sense of logic…

Brief Summary

In an attempt to justify when wearing a swimsuit in public is appropriate, Asuka somehow came to the conclusion that doing so in a typhoon is fine.

That makes sense

And thus, for three weeks, she had her swimsuit in her schoolbag, waiting… for just the right moment.

Here we go

Walking in the rain

Her little experiment was a success… but it didn’t account for the eye of the typhoon.



If it weren’t for an overly curious and concerned teacher, Asuka would’ve made a foolish move.

Eye of the Typhoon

River Jumping


I don’t even… ugh…

There’s no explanation for how naive Asuka is. She’s both an exhibitionist and simple-minded. A silly series that pokes lightly into the little things. Much like Lucky Star without the deafening opening.

Interesting? Yes. Still interesting? Not really.

2 Responses

  1. haha That’s an interesting experiment :)

  2. A partially successful experiment.

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