Prunus Girl – Chapter 8

What's with all this chaos

Déjà Vu Transfer Student?

And you thought it couldn’t get any better (and crazier)…

Brief Summary

A new student transfers into their class. During her class introduction, Hanasaka Shion makes a bold statement. She’s a girl… and a lesbian.

I'm a Girl

I love girls

Shion isn’t new to everyone. Maki knew her from junior high.

You haven't changed a bit


Their reunion was interrupted when Kizuna wandered too close. Someone’s yuri radar got tripped.

Sudden Affection

What a cutie

How Nasty

However, Shion did not account for the unexpected. Like most people, her senses were fooled.

He's a guy

Tell me it's a lie

After recovering from the cold harsh truth, Shion spilled a bit of juicy information. It was about Maki’s first crush… and how she stole her from him.

Maki's First Love

Old News

The past is in the past. However, that doesn’t mean Shion would stop teasing him in the present.

Steal Kizuna from you

So much for Maki’s peaceful days…

Peaceful Days Goodbye


Just when you figured that Maki and Kizuna settled down, in comes a new element that throws everything back into chaos. Shion’s definitely enjoying herself. As pointed out, her love for Maki isn’t romantic. It’s more of a big sister bullying a younger brother. However, she’ll probably be torn between pushing a Kizuna x Maki pairing and wanting Kizuna all for herself. It depends on her yuri power level.

Amusing. That is, Shion’s reaction to the truth. The trap is ever so dangerous…



3 Responses

  1. This is definitely one of the weirdest and most enjoyable comic mangas I’m reading right now. Of course, Mysterious Girlfriend X gives it a run for its money in the weird department. But the main characters in Prunus Girl seem to be both good people and able to stand up for themselves as necessary, in the midst of all this gentle perversion. It’s a fun read.

  2. If they remove the male lead, Prunus Girl will be even better! Lesbian girl falls for boy trap~

  3. @hashi
    Mysterious Girlfriend X has the “weird factor” with the drool bond. Prunus Girl has the “trap factor”. This is one of those series where I could not see Kizuna being 100% male. Proof of epic trap.

    You wish to be that boy trap, don’t you?

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