Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode X


And you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Battler…

Brief Summary

Another version of the same story but with a certain twist. Some people changed but not so much as to destroy their character. Well… sorta.

Golden Witch BEATO

Your Highness BEATO

At least Battler is the same. He’s still the protagonist of the series.

Would be criminal

However, this time, he arrives a day late due to academic reasons. When he got to Rokkenjima, there was something unusual. The island exclusive to the Ushiromiya family had a festival going on… at the Furude shrine?

Furude Shrine

A familiar cast appears…




As if Battler was Keiichi, the Higurashi girls took him around the booths. Of course, he would lose every contest and suffered a “punishment”.


Finally escaping, he finally finds the rose garden with his family waiting for him. It marks the beginning of this twisted tale… of Umineko x Higurashi.

Whims of the Golden Witch


Between witches and being “demoned away”, Battler sure has a lot ahead of him. Not entirely sure about the mix between these two series. Some parts may work well. I can see the Ushiromiya family attending Rika’s performance with George and Shannon sneaking away for their little love scene. But then they accidentally hide out in the Saiguden… marking themselves for Oyashiro-sama. However, due to the age difference between the two casts, that would be the biggest hurdle in merging the two series together.

An interesting development and something to look forward to between episodes of Umineko.



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  1. I really want to see this animated, it would be awesome !

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