Claymore – Chapter 97

Weak Babies

Bloody Tears of Desperation

There’s a familiar face!

Brief Summary

Riful was fighting the Organization’s best. However, with injuries suffered from the raining spikes and the Abyss Eaters, she was literally on her last leg. If it wasn’t for Dauf’s sacrificial act, she would’ve been finished off.

Last Leg

However, before Alicia could destroy them, she stopped. There was an explosion of Youki energy. Her twin sister Beth is no longer in control, causing Alicia to awaken.


Control of Youki

What was the cause? It wasn’t Uma and Cynthia. It was an old but familiar person.

Not Delicious

Little Bit

Always Holding Back

Priscilla returns and she’s not holding back any longer.

Remaining Weak Smell

Stupid Kids


I thought I’ll see Uma and Cynthia tossed around a bit before something comes and saves them. I didn’t expect Priscilla to show up that quickly. I thought the author would milk out a couple more chapters like what other action series do. Thankfully, it didn’t turn out that way.

Another thing to note is Riful’s complete loss… only to be saved by chance. I thought she’ll be a more difficult opponent since she could use numerous limbs. I guess she’s just too worn down to really bring them all out. Lots of credit to Dauf though. He saw his woman cry and risked his life to save her. Even though he’s dumb, he’s a real man.

Priscilla appearing within Clare’s range? Oh man. I want to see their reunion.


4 Responses

  1. I wanna know whose scent Priscilla’s following. But yeah, I wonder how soon Clare will take notice of Priscilla’s youki, since she’s finally using her powers. Although maybe she’s already noticed, since we haven’t seen her at all this chapter.

  2. I really like “Remaining Weak Smell” illustration :)

  3. Priscilla just came out of the blue! She’s still a total mystery though, since we don’t know who she’s tracking, what she’s up to, and why’d she ditch Raki.

    It’d be insanely epic if Priscilla, Clare, and Luciela/Rafaela had a three way battle.

  4. @nazariellle
    I don’t know if Clare could pick it out since she’s so close to Luciela/Rafaela. One thing then another…

    I prefer the part when Dauf acted out of desperation to save Riful.

    It’ll be epic… if Luciela/Rafaela does more than shoot spikes around.

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