Oniichan Control – Chapter 3

Simple Process of Elimination

Little sisters can be a big pain…

Brief Summary

Takanashi received a package from home, a care package from her mother. Being nice, she thought about sharing it with her apartment neighbors. It was a nice gesture… that didn’t take into account a rampaging yandere brocon.

Next Door


Rushing back to the apartment, Noa made the first move. Scouting first, she infiltrated Takanashi’s room under the guise of learning some recipes. Of course, the Noa was verifying whether or not her brother’s affection was threatened. If so, something has to be done.


While cooking, the two began talking about relationships. Takanashi didn’t suspect a thing. After all, what danger could possibly come from a cute, innocent girl like Noa?

Someony you like

Drive You Clean Out

Eventually, Noa snapped.

In This Apartment Block

Hand Slipped

Enraged, she threw a knife at Takanashi and forced her to the ground. Justifying her actions, Noa was about to deliver the final blow… when her prey finally confessed her true love. It wasn’t Noa’s brother.

Process of Elimination

Creepy Otaku

Long Time Before

Appeased, Noa made sure that this secret stays between the two of them. After all, she doesn’t want her perfect plans to be ruined.

Value Your Life


Wow. Serious business from Noa. I guess there’s nothing that she wouldn’t do to ensure the perfect paradise she has with her brother. That and her master plan to make him openly fall in love with her. I feel sorry for their neighbor, thinking that she was helping a girl with romance… only to be threatened and forced to make a life-or-death confession… to the “creepy otaku”.

Enjoyable and entertaining. The only downside is the long wait between each chapter. The next one comes out in January.



3 Responses

  1. Oh gawd imouto… vicious XD

  2. “The only downside is the long wait between each chapter. ”

    Not only that, but the whole thing will be over in a few chapters as well.

  3. @RyanA
    Don’t you wish you had a sister like that?

    Then Noa’s plans worked!

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