Kyou no Asuka Show

Finish Even Faster

Fanservice in an obvious but unique fashion.


When dealing with fanservice, there’s two types. The more common one involve copious amounts of panty shots and clothing malfunctions. That’s their selling point and while I’m not entirely for or against such series, it’s hard not to be bored after the first few chapters. The other kind is more subtle and use it as a bonus adding onto other key aspects of the work. With Kyou no Asuka Show, it’s sitting on the fence.

Not on Purpose

Ruin Your Day

Then That's Good

Asuka reminds me of Kanbaru from Bakemonogatari. There was a question of whether or not she wears anything underneath her spats, being an exhibitionist or just athletic. Similarly, I’m not sure if Asuka is deliberately putting herself in such situations to make others feel good… or if it’s truly innocent.

Free Popsicle

Lick 1

Lick 2

I'll Pass

She definitely knows that other people (or to be more specific, men) are “happier” with her actions. Asuka does have morals however twisted they may be.

Wasn't My Intention

Good Judgment

Free One

Overall, a random light read with each chapter less than 15 pages. Not a whole lot of thought into it, just a smirk or two considering the point of view the series takes upon.


One Response

  1. haha The girl has a perfect expression on “That was not my intention” panel :P

    Big bite…

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